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Spartan Burn is a weight loss support that can help you feel and look slimmer, fuller and more energetic thanks to its sevenfold action formula.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, 180 Guarantee 

Effective Ingredients

180-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Our Customers Love Spartan Burn. And so will you. 

By Taking Spartan Burn, I really feel smoother and drier*

Cristina S.

I got over the plateau in my weight loss. I lost 3 cm on the abdomen area and above all I noticed a sense of satisfaction that I could not achieve with diet alone *

Santo V.

Since I started using Spartan Burn, I feel a lot less bloated, have insane energy and feel less hungry. I feel fit all day!*

Maria Rita P.

*Results may vary from person to person.

For most people, losing weight is difficult...

... And for others it's a never-ending struggle.

But why is it so complicated?

Isn't it enough to eat less and move more?

Unfortunately, it's not that easy...

Cardio and running can increase cortisol, a fattening hormone, which can make things worse.

Giving up your favourite food and eating like a rabbit is demotivating and hard to sustain for long.

Over-restrictive diets lead to hunger pangs and the yo-yo effect.

All this leads to inconsistency

You get some results... and then you are demotivated... And then you give up.

It seems like a vicious cycle with no way out.

... But what if there was a better way?

the key to awakening your metabolism

Why is losing weight difficult?

In pre-historic times, getting food was difficult for humans.

And to survive, our bodies stored fat so that we could endure long fasts without starving.

Today, however, food is always at hand.

But our body continues to function a it always has: To store fat to save us from famine. 

The discovery of a Nobel laureate scientist [1] can help 'deactivate' this mechanismo

A protein in the body called Perilipin is guilty of the "hoarding" mode   (7)

Perilipin can trick the physique into thinking it needs energy reserves (fat) to survive an impending fast.

This is why it is also referred to as "The Guardian of Slimming" [8].

Fortunately, its action can be "turned off".

but how do you do it?

Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist, Edmon H . FIscher discovered a molecule that can inactive the fattening role of Perilipin (14,15,16)

Protein Kinase A (PKA)

When PKA enters the bloodsteam it "phosphorylates" Perilipin (8).

This meants it turns off the "storage" command and turns on the "release" command for fat.

What happens then? 

You turn on an "internal" metabolish switch..

This allows your body to burn effectively*

Spartan Burn is the first supplement formulated to help with this.

Lo scienziato premio Nobel Edmond H. Fischer ha scoperto una molecola in grado di disattivare il ruolo ingrassante della Perilipina [14, 15, 16].

La Protein Kinase A (PKA).

Quando la PKA entra in circolo “fosforilizza” la perilipina [8]...

Ciò significa che disattiva il comando di “accumulo” del grasso e accende quello di “rilascio”.


Puoi accendere il metabolismo…

E permettere al corpo di bruciare efficacemente*.

Spartan Burn è il primo integratore formulato per aiutarti in questo scopo.

Here are the Spartan Burn ingredients that make this possible


The Plant of Slenderness

In a double-blind study (4) - The Best in Science - those taking Forskolina slimmed their hips and waistline better a more, compared to others.

Which is great news for those who want a flat, toned abdomen. 

Even better is the next study (42)...

The scientists divided the participants into two groups:

Half were taking Forskolina, the other half, a placebo (a "fake" supplement). 

To make things more difficult, none of them were on a diet...

Bottom line...

Those taking the "fake" supplement ended up as where they started.

However, those taking Forskolina had burned an average of 4.52kg!

*Results may vary from person to person. These are the results of one study and it is recommended to accompany Spartan Burn with a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


Hunger-Destroying Herb

Yerba Mate is a South American with extraordinary properties. 

In one research (5), half of the people were taking a Yerba Mate supplement...

The second, a "fake" one. 

In the end, those taking Yerba Mate not only lost more weight, but also improved their waist to hip ratio.

This means it helped them slim down two of the most challenging areas: Hips and Abdomen.

That's why scientists themselves describe it as "a powerful anti-obesity agent". 

That's not all... 

In another research (20) scientists gave participants some Yerba Mate before doing some exercise... 

And to their amazement, they saw a 24% increase in fat oxidation. 

That equates to burning more without additional effort.

Furthermore, in a major study (21), Yerba Mate was categorized as the most powerful weight-loss herb of all those analyzed.


The Oceanic Energizer

The Japanese people are some of the leanest people in the world (25)....

Yet, they eat an avalanche of Carbohydrates.

How is this possible?

One of their secrets is a traditional diet rich in Algae (26).

Algae is one of the more important sources of Iodine (27). 

And Iodine is linked to healthy and powerful Thyroid function (28). 

The Thyroid in turn is linked to metabolism and how much fat you burn at rest (29, 30)

So, thanks to Seaweed, the Japanese introduce copious amounts of Idoine into their diet.

Iodine helps them to have a perfectly healthy and functioning Thyroid.

And a healthy Thyroid means an efficient metabolism that burns at full capacity... as well as explosive energy.

And that's why Kelp Seaweed - One of the richest sources of Iodine in existence - is the perfect ally to support in firing up the "metabolism"


The Hormonal "Stimulator" 

Seleniometionina is a form of Selenium.

And Selenium, paired with Iodine, helps regulate the Thyroid, the queen gland of slimming (33).

Specifically, Iodine helps produce the thyroid hormone T4 (34). 

And Selenium helps convert it into T3 (35), its active form.

Purpose of the mix?

To act a "defibrillator" for the thyroid, and thus for metabolism.

To cause a "shock" to fat loss synergistic to PKA activation thanks to the other ingredients.


Resin of Wonders

Including aiding weight loss (36), Guggulsterones are extracted from this resin.

But, how can resin be capable of SO much? 

Until not too long agom researchers thought it was a myth...

But when they put it to the test in studies...

They discovered how much ancient wisdom carried truth.

In one study (6) participants taking Guggulsterones lost more than twice as much weight as others.

Scientist believe (37) that Guggulsterones may promote fat breakdown, thereby reducing that volume of adipose tissue.

A mechanism that makes them a formidable ally for anyone who wants to conquer their ideal shape - and stay there! 


The Metabolism Awakener

This Seaweed has a very special feature.

It's rich in Fucoxanthin, which is an active ingredient that can "wake up" the metabolism through the activation of a protein in the body called UCP1 (38, 39)

Simply put, it helps regulate temperatureC...

And it encourages the physique to produce heat by burning fatty acids, giving additional support to metabolism (40) 


The Fat Transporter

L-Carnitine helps you transport fat to the mitochondria in order to burn it for energy. 

And the effectiveness of this substance is proven by multiple studies.

Recently, scientists (41) combed through every research ever published on L-Carnitine in order to understand its true effectiveness. 

Using their words, "Carnitine resulted in significantly greater weight loss) 

In other words, they found that it works... It works GREAT in assisting weight loss.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. 180 Day Guarantee.

How to Use Spartan Burn for Maximum Results

Spartan Burn comes in small, tasteless, easy-to-swallow pills.

Take two, twice a day, with meals. 

Drink some water and swallow them down.

After a short time you're likely to start feeling more energy. 

More warmth and less appetites.

That means Spartan Burn is having its effect.

If you order 5 packs of Spartan Burn you get 63% off... Free Shipping... And these 2 Special Gifts!

Spartan health towel

Consider it your "starting point" of the beginning of the journey that could change your life.

You can use it for workouts at home, at the park, at the gym, at the beach or wherever you want. 

This towel represents the symbol of the beginning of your physical and mental transformation.

Pill box

This stylish pill box allows you to carry you Spartan Burn capsules with you at all times...

So you can conveniently take them even when you're eating out of traveling. 

If your days are always hectic and you don't have a lot of time at home, you won't have ot carry the Spartan Burn jar with you. 

But you'll just need to keep a few capsules in this handy pillbox at all times.

So you won't risk forgetting to take your "Secret weapon" to help you feel great.

Soddisfazione garantita al 100%, garanzia di 180 giorni

180-Day "Empty Bottle" Guarantee

What happens if Spartan Burn is not right for me? We want you to pay for it ONLY if you are 100% satisfied with it.

That's why you're protected by a 100% 180-day money back guarantee. 

If you're not thrilled with how Spartan Burn make you feel and look... Then send us your packs (even empty ones!) and we'll send you a full refund.

We're proud to have incredibly loyal customers who love our products. And we're sure you'll love Spartan Burn, too.

But, if for any reason you do reconsider, you're covered by our 100% money back guarantee. 

So either you're completely thrilled with it or it doesn't cost you anything.


It's the first supplement designed to turn on your "weight loss switch"

Spartan Burn helps you do this with its unique formula.

Specific ingredients chosen to help you activate PKA and deactivate the fattening action of perilipin, so you can wake up your metabolism and support weight loss.

And while supplies last, you can get it with up to 63% off and 180-day money back guarantee.

So what are you waiting for?


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Questions about Spartan Burn?

1. What makes Spartan Burn unique compared to other weight loss supplements? 

Spartan Burn belongs to a new category of supplements.

In fact, it is the 1st one designed for your 'weight loss switch'....

This is possible by supporting your body to activate PKA...

A protein that, as you saw in the presentation, helps your body go into fat-burning mode.

For this reason, it's not merely meant to burn more calories....

As much as it is to help your body become a "fat-burning furnace".

In this way, it can effectively support the path to achieving your physique goals.

2. What results can I expect from Spartan Burn?

Results may vary and taking supplements should not be understood as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Either way, what studies have shown is that many of the ingredients inside can deliver results from the first few weeks...

But regular intake is recommended

3. How do I take Spartan Burn for optimal results? 

Just take 2 easy-to-swallow capsules with a little water twice a day after meals..

4. Is it suitable for both male and female? 

Spartan Burn is designed to be suitable for both men and women. The dosage is the same

It's working mechanism is based on biology, not gender.

5. What are the ingredients in Spartan Burn?

The recommended dose of 4 capsules per day of Spartan Burn contains:

Guggul (Commiphora Mukul) Extract - 750mg

of which guggulsterones - 75mg

Coleus Forskohlii (including Forskolin) - 275mg

of which Forskolin - 55mg

Organic Kelp Algae - 100mg

of which 0.1% Organic Iodine - 100μg

L-Carnitine Tartrate - 1g

Yerba Mate - 0.4g 

of which natural caffeine - 32mg

Laminaria Algae - 11.5mg

of which Fucoxanthin - 8mg

Selenium-Methionine - 50μg

6. Does Spartan Burn include allergens such as Gluten or Lactose?

Spartan Burn contains only the ingredients listed on the package, so no gluten, lactose, or any allergens.

This makes it suitable even for those who follow a vegetarian diet or are intolerant to these substances.

The ingredients in Spartan Burn have not demonstrated any side effects when taken in the recommended doses. But it is always recommended to consult your doctor with questions regarding your personal health situation.

7. Is it suitable for a Vegan or Vegeterian? 

Yes, Spartan Burn is also suitable if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.

8. Does it contain caffeine?

There is no synthetic caffeine in Spartan Burn, but the Yerba Mate contains a small amount (about half of what you find in a cup of espresso).

Also consider that the recommended dose of 4 capsules per day is divided into 2 moments of the day (2 capsules after meals), this is to minimize possible discomfort even for people who are more sensitive to caffeine.

9. What are the terms of the guarantee?

It works like this:

Order your Spartan Burn packs now....

In about 3-5 days they will arrive at your doorstep.

After that, start using it....

Experience what it's like to support your metabolism with "shocks"

To wake it up and keep it active....

Experience what it feels like to look in the mirror and see yourself and feel better with each passing day....

And experience how much easier it is to reach your goals when you can count on such an ally by your side.

With Spartan Burn, you're no longer alone on your journey to a leaner, more defined you....

It will be the shoulder to lean on and help make everything easier for you.


If for any reason in the next 180 days (6 months) you should not be absolutely thrilled with its benefits....

If you don't feel it's the most amazing supplement you've ever tried....

And if it doesn't become the piece of the puzzle you've been missing to finally feel thin....

Then simply send back the packages - even empty ones - and we'll refund every penny.

You get the idea.

Either Spartan Burn turns out to be a game-changer for you (and you have 180 whole days to put it to the test)...

Or you haven't spent or risked anything.

All you have to do is send the packs back to receive a full refund....

Plus, you get to keep the pill bottle and towel as a gift for the trouble.

That's how much we're sure you'll love Spartan Burn and it will mark a decisive turning point in your life.

10. How long will this promotion be valid for?

It's hard to say...

Spartan Burn's ingredients are very rare and due to the high demand, they may run out at any moment.

After that, Spartan Burn will be off the market indefinitely.

To avoid that from happening and take advantage of today's discount, you should place your order now.

11. Is it Safe? Does it have any side effects?

Spartan Burn is regularly notified by the Department of Health. This means that its ingredients are healthy and approved by the strictest standards.

However, it is always recommended to consult a doctor if you have any questions about its intake.

In general: it is not suggested in the evening since it has small amounts of caffeine, it is not suggested in lactation nor in pregnancy nor to children and it is not suggested in cases of hyperthyroidism since its ingredients can support the activation of the thyroid gland

12. Is it right for me?

Spartan Burn is NOT for you if you already have a metabolism that burns everything you pop in your mouth....

Spartan Burn is NOT for you if you don't care about yourself, you don't care about your health and you don't care about your well-being.

Sparta Bun is NOT for you if you are looking for the magic pill to lose weight without doing anything.
This supplement can be extremely powerful... but that doesn't mean you can eat ice cream all day and expect results. 

On the other hand:
Spartan Burn is for you if you'd like to light up and get your metabolism on fire.... 

Spartan Burn is for you if you have pounds to lose: whether it’s a lot and you need an ally to count on... or few because you want a boost for more tone... 

Spartan Burn is for you if you want to help your body work WITH you and not AGAINST you in achieving your fitness goals.

Spartan Burn is for women and men who love themselves or want to start loving themselves.

For them Spartan Burn can be like a godsend....

Because it could represent the beginning of the change they've been waiting and hoping for in their lives.

If you're ready for a new beginning, Spartan Burn is for you.

13. What if I stop using it? Will I go back to how I was? 

It's like taking a car out of gear.

You may find yourself going slower, but you don't stop or go back.

Spartan Burn can be your "extra gear".

14. Okay, I am ready to purchase Spartan Burn. What's the next step?

Simply click on one of the packages below and place your order.

You'll land on the secure payment page, where you'll enter your card information and shipping address....

And as soon as you're done...

Your Spartan Burn packs will be delivered to you in just about 3-5 business days from now.

And remember: you're also covered by my 180-day, 100% "Empty Package" money-back guarantee...

So there's really no reason not to complete your order now....

Especially considering that if you're on this page, that means there are still packs available... hurry while supplies last

So, complete your purchase now and I can't wait to hear about your successful experience!

Who Invented Spartan Burn (The Face Behind The Product)

Oliver Bates

Il dott. Filippo Pagani, uno dei personal trainer più rinomati e di successo del nostro paese.

Conta oltre 30.000 donne e 25.000 uomini che hanno seguito e seguono qualcuno dei suoi programmi di fitness.

Potresti aver sentito parlare di lui per il programma di fitness femminile Guerriera Spartana, realizzato in collaborazione con Alessandra Amori.

Oppure per i suoi programmi di maschili come Fisico da Spartano e Spartan Home Training.

In più, l'intero team di Spartan Health, che da anni offre prodotti nel campo del fitness e conta decine di migliaia di clienti felici in Italia, Inghilterra, Portogallo, Spagna, Francia, Svizzera e Germania. 

La tua soddisfazione è da sempre la nostra priorità.

E, per qualunque domanda, puoi scriverci un'email a info(chiocciola)spartanhealth.com...

Oppure contattarci al nostro numero verde gratuito, tutti i giorni dalle 9:00 alle 19:30:

Soddisfazione garantita al 100%, garanzia di 180 giorni

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Spartan Home training è in offerta ancora per poco

Non so ancora per quanto mi convenga tenere il prezzo così basso... e i regali non saranno più disponibili a breve perché li venderò separatamente  

Soddisfatto o rimborsato!

Per chiunque non si senta elettrizzato e non veda i risultati promessi da Spartan Home Training... è possibile inviare una mail entro 180 giorni dall'acquisto e si verrà rimborsati al 100%