The simple and proven way for men of ANY age to naturally increase testosterone levels in just a few easy steps.


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The complete "Spartan Testosterone" program in PDF format.
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Gift #2 - "Anti-Estrogen Formula" video course.
Gift #3 - Sample meal plan to supercharge your testosterone.
Gift #4 - "Limitless Effect" video course.
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The stories of those who have tried Spartan Testosterone.

"Generally, I feel like a bull in terms of energy."

Since following Testosterone from Spartan, I have eradicated all forms of gynecomastia and have definitely become more masculine, in the sense that my beard grows three times faster than before, covering areas of the cheekbones that were always exposed before, my voice timbre has changed, and in general, I feel like a bull in terms of energy.

Carl C.
"To be honest, the erections have improved!!"

Personally, I feel much more energetic and I truly feel in shape.
My physique has greatly improved… I gained 10kg in 6 months from 70 to 80kg (mesomorph).
I had excess skin also in the abdominal area which disappeared IMMEDIATELY!!! Also, the strength is increasing session after session!!!
Under the covers, to be honest, the erections have improved!!!

Frank S.
"I have much more strength and vigor"

I’ve started to burn fat almost like a teenager again, I have much more strength and vigor, and during the day I don’t find myself as tired as in the past.

Joseph M.

Spartan Testosterone

It’s not just a program: it’s your rebirth.

If you’re 30, 40, 50, 60 years old or more and feel that something has changed, that your masculinity doesn’t shine as it once did ‚Äď or you simply aspire to a higher level of strength and virility, then this protocol is for you.

In a few, simple steps, Spartan Testosterone guides you to recharge with masculine energy, to forge a toned and defined physique, and to rekindle a burning passion.

Born from the collaboration between Filippo Pagani, an elite personal trainer, and Dr. Andrea Militello, a luminary in hormonal optimization…

This protocol is designed to be your shield against the symptoms of low testosterone:

The fatigue that doesn’t leave you, the grit that fades, the muscles that don’t respond, the passion that dims, the belly that doesn’t go away.

In a few weeks, you can feel and see yourself transformed: in the mirror, you will no longer see just any man, but a warrior, ready to conquer every challenge that life presents.

The 15 superfoods for testosterone

Print out the list of these foods and stick it on your refrigerator.

This way you’ll know how to turn EVERY meal into fuel for T.

The 10 killers of testosterone

You will find this module ranging from shocking to terrifying, because you will realize that in the shadow of your fridge and in your pantry lurk unsuspected foods that can stab your T reserves.

With this list in hand, you can finally put an X on ‘false friends’… and foods rich in “feminizing toxins”.

The secrets of training to increase your testosterone

If you’re an athlete, you should be careful about which exercise you practice… and how you practice it.

Indeed, this too can have a drastic impact on your T levels.

Both positively… and, surprisingly, negatively.

In fact, you may not have known this, but some types of gym workouts can REDUCE T.

While other types of exercise can catapult it…

Allowing you to skyrocket your energy… physical strength… muscle power…

and build muscles faster than you ever have before.

Lifestyle Tricks that boost your testosterone

Here you will discover:

Other stories of those who have tried Spartan Testosterone.

"I am more active throughout the entire day"

I am more active throughout the entire day, I have developed a strength that I never had before, not even after a year of intense gym workouts, and now I have much more after only 4 months. I’ve always been active under the covers but I must say that there has been an increase in performance so the thanks become double.

Danilo A.
"The opposite sex has noticed that I exist"

I must say, because of the above, the opposite sex has noticed that I exist and I am happy about it. I confess that in the morning the “boy” has returned to what I had as a young man, to my great surprise and satisfaction […] The physique has become more muscular.

Luke F.
"I have gained a good 4kg of muscle in the last 2 months!"

I wanted to thank you because only thanks to the Testosterone from Spartan program and your advice have I gained a good 4 kg [of muscle] in the last two months!!

Gabriel G.



Spartan Testosterone is a simple step-by-step protocol to allow anyone to go from feeling weak, bloated and sluggish... become the manliest, strongest and most defined version of you in a few weeks or months from now.

This is because inside it contains a proven method to skyrocket testosterone levels completely naturally, in a few simple steps...

Fighting and protecting yourself from the "feminization" caused by endocrine disruptors.

The entire program is in ebook format, so you can have immediate access whenever you want from any device.

But if you don't like reading, don't worry...

In less than a minute, I'll also tell you how you can get the video lessons completely free.

Taking advantage of today's offer, you will also receive

Taking advantage of today's offer, you will also receive

Bonus #1

Estrogen kills your masculinity, weakens your physique and slaughters your health…

And in this video guide you will discover step-by-step how to detoxify and purify yourself completely within about 30 days.

You'll find out which healthy alternatives to replace the harmful products you have in your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and cupboard.

When you have eliminated estrogen from your body and life following the directions in this formula, you will feel invigorated, light and energized.

As if you had extracted from your skin a shard of glass with which you discovered you have spent your entire life…

Bonus #2:

These ready-made feeding templates will give you crystal clear clarity on how you need to feed yourself to flood your body with testosterone…

You can follow them and adapt them quickly and easily to your needs by following the easy instructions in the program…

Furthermore, the dishes you will find are delicious, quick and elementary to prepare...


One of the only video guides on the market  in which you will discover which natural and safe substances have been proven to enhance your mental activities such as:

Reasoning, concentration and attention, problem solving, memory, comprehension, thinking, analytical and deductive skills.

To give you a little taste of what you'll discover:

Imagine a product with the stimulating effect of caffeine ‚Äď but without the addiction, energy crash and sleep disturbances.

You will find this and many other surprising natural, safe and science-proven products…

Of course, you won't become an overnight genius like in the movie Limitless…

…but wouldn't it still be incredible to increase your cognitive abilities even by just 5-10%?

Bonus #4:

Finally, as an additional 4th bonus, you will receive videos of each lesson of the ‚ÄúSpartan Testosterone‚ÄĚ program‚Ķ

Some people love to read, others like to see and hear.

Regardless of the format you prefer, you will be satisfied.

In fact, in addition to the original version in eBook format…

You will receive that video in high quality.

All you need to do is access the reserved area with your mobile phone, tablet or computer…

And press ‚Äúplay‚ÄĚ to enjoy the program wherever you are.

You can listen to it audio while driving or doing other…

Or watch it on the train, on the sofa at night or in bed before going to sleep.

The choice is yours.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Simply get the Spartan Testosterone right now…

APPLY the concepts… (it's extremely easy and everything is organized clearly for you). and see if they work for you…

Experience for yourself how FABULOUSLY good you feel and how AMAZING the results you get in almost every area of your life, when you know the secret code of testosterone…

If you don't think the Spartan Testosterone program is worth at least DOUBLE of what you're paying today...

Simply email me at anytime in the next 180 days…

And we'll pay you every penny back as fast as we can…

Which means you can try all the secrets in Spartan Testosterone and see if they work for you too, practically for free…


bundle testosterone
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Spartan Testosterone is the first path that, through practical and natural strategies, guides you to significantly increase testosterone.

Fighting and protecting you from the “feminization” caused by endocrine disruptors, i.e. tiny chemicals that enter our body through the air we breathe‚Ķ the food we eat‚Ķ and even some surfaces we touch!

Once in the body, they act like¬†estrogen¬†‚Äď the main ‚Äúfemale hormone‚Ä̂Ķ

As experts say, they ‚Äúfeminize us‚ÄĚ.

It’s like we’re being given “silent hormone therapy.”

And what it can cause:

Gynecomastia, or ‚Äúman boobs‚Ä̂Ķ [21]

Mood swings, irritability, character fragility, low virility and therefore little success with women… [22]

Premature aging and making you feel exhausted like you are 5 or even 10 years older… [6]

Water retention: you see yourself swollen and have a feeling of heaviness… [23]

Weaker erections [1] and low sex drive [18].

In other words, they take away what makes you a man.

They rob you of your masculinity.

When you apply what the program contains, the action of these interferers will be neutralized and your testosterone will finally be free to release and flood your body, bringing you more explosive sexual desire and great ease in building muscle mass and sculpting your physique.

Here’s what Carlo C. says who has already tried the program:

[…] I have eradicated all forms of gynecomastia and have decidedly masculinized myself, in the sense that my beard grows three times as fast as before, covering areas of the cheekbones that were previously always uncovered, my voice has changed and in general I feel like a taurus energy-wise.

As I told you, Testosterone da Spartano is so complete and practical that I’m sure it will represent the turning point you’ve been waiting for.

However, if for any reason you are not absolutely thrilled, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You have 180 full days to request a full refund, with no hard feelings from me or our team.

Either this route will prove to be one of the most important turning points for your physical well-being, or you can take advantage of our total satisfaction guarantee.

In other words, you have nothing to lose.

No. But if you’re working out at the gym, you’ll¬†also find some good and helpful training strategies for maximizing testosterone within the program.

Inside Spartan Testosterone, you will find training strategies, food plan models, integration advice and many other strategies to reduce the harmful effects of endocrine disruptors and maximize strategies to increase testosterone.

In a nutshell you find everything you need to create a significant and lasting change.

The route is in eBook format, easy and convenient to consult on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Plus, by acting now, you’re also getting these limited gifts:

The¬†“Anti-Estrogen Formula”, to detox from endocrine disruptors in 30 days.

The “Typical Meal Plans to Supercharge Testosterone”.

The¬†“Limitless Effect”¬†video guide to achieve laser concentration and clear the mental fog.

And  Spartan Testosterone video edition, which allows you to enjoy the program in this format as well.

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This means that for just the cost of a dinner out for two, you can recapture the exceptional testosterone levels that belonged to men of yore…

Ensuring you¬†increased virility, sexual potency, self-confidence, health, muscle mass, strength and weight loss…

Click now and look forward to hearing your success story.

bundle testosterone

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