Spartan Strength+

The first supplement that helps increase performance, lean muscle mass and energy to improve the results of your workouts.
Helps increase your carnosine levels in your muscles to enhance performance, promote muscle growth and increased strength4, 5, 6, 7, 8
It helps to counteract lactic acid so as to give you more resistance and better training results4, 9
Fights “ATP degradation”, giving you extra energy for the day and exercise to increase your performance 3, 10, 13, 18


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Spartan Strength+ contains creatine, a top element for improving performance in the gym.[50]

Our customers love Spartan STRENGTH+. and you will love it too.

“Spartan Strength+ is truly PETROL for muscles”*

Samuel Dimasi
“After the first intake I no longer needed an afternoon nap after a very long time and I was already able to perform more repetitions*
JP Abi

*Results may vary from person to person.

The 3 “Energy-Absorbing” enemies of athletes (men and women) of all ages

The first one is what I call

“ATP degradation”

ATP is like the petrol in our cells…

When it is charged, you are full of energy and desire to ‘do’.

When it’s at its lowest, you feel exhausted and lifeless.

Due to “ATP degradation” men and women feel tired and weak, making it difficult to face all the tasks of the day.

Added to this is how this “degradation” acts as a “brake” for training, slowing down muscle growth.

Furthermore, you risk losing motivation to keep active or take care of yourself.

To all this, it must be added that over the years the body is no longer able to produce ATP the same as before.

This is why at 20 you have more energy than when you are 30… 40… or more.

The second enemy is

unbalanced levels of “histidine”

Did you know your muscles have a built-in limiter that prevents you from training longer, harder and better.

And it can also sabotage your muscle growth, strength, and how much fat you burn during training.

It’s called histidine.

Normally, if you have unbalanced (too high) 44 histidine levels… this prevents your muscles from converting it into something called carnosine.

Why is carnosine so important for unlocking super-natural results?

You see, when you exercise, your muscles carry out a metabolic process called ‘anaerobic glycosis’ which uses glucose for energy and produces lactic acid.

Lactic acid is that burning sensation you feel in your muscles while doing sets.

And, the more ‘acidic’ the muscles become…

Fewer are able to contract.

This causes you to fatigue and limits the effectiveness of your workouts.

But carnosine acts as a buffer against this acid…

…which is also…

The third enemy and the best known:

"lactic acid"

Lactic acid is produced when you train intensely… and can act as a “brake” for your muscles…

When it works it stiffens them, tires them and weakens them…

You cannot complete any more reps.

You cannot give further stimuli to growth.

So, what is the solution?

Firstly, restore ATP levels, so as to draw on a new source of cellular energy.

You see, ATP resides inside cellular organelles called mitochondria.

Mitochondria are the “generators” of ATP.

To generate more ATP, we need to nourish the mitochondria.

Science shows us extremely effective natural ingredients to do this, so as to help them produce more ATP…

…what about unbalanced histidine levels?

The simplest solution to an inexperienced eye could be to integrate some carnosine, but…

…not a good solution because it turned out to be mostly ineffective 45.

So what to do?

Carnosine is formed when your histidine levels are balanced…

And how do you balance histidine?

Thanks to a greater quantity of its balancer…

…two substances that together are what allow your muscles to produce carnosine 44:

It’s called beta-alanine.

Beta-alanine is an amino acid that scientific research proves is capable of increasing carnosine levels by an incredible 80% after just 10 weeks 46,47,48,49,50.

Finally, how do you combat lactic acid?

You see, being “acidic” it has a low pH.

So the most logical way to counteract it is to raise the pH in the muscles (and this is possible thanks to carnosine, which will act as a “buffer”)…

Another way is to increase cellular oxygenation.

With more oxygen the body can ward off fatigue, preserve muscle contraction and have extra energy to train more and carry out the day’s commitments with more serenity.

You should know that there are extremely effective natural substances to fight these 3 “energy-absorbing” enemies and…

The Spartan Health team selected them, mixed them in the right quantities and combined them to create an ideal product for unleashing extra energy…

…counteract “cellular fatigue”…

…delay the action of lactic acid…

…increase your carnosine levels in your muscles to enhance performance, promote muscle growth and increase strength…

…and increase the energy to be used during the day and/or in training.



The first supplement that helps increase performance, strength and energy to improve the results of your workouts

The first supplement designed to help increase cellular energy by focusing on the real problem: ATP degradation.

Spartan Strength+ is for Women who:

The first supplement designed to support muscle gains by delaying the action of lactic acid.

Spartan Strength+ is for Men who:

Spartan Strength+ is for women who:

Spartan Strength+ is for men who:

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Here's how its unique formulation can help you.

Beta alanine
The “Relaxer”

Beta alanine is a substance capable of increasing the pH of muscles [2,3,4,5,6]…

As you have seen, a higher pH delays the appearance of lactic acid and reduces muscle fatigue [2,7]…

So your workouts can become more effective in stimulating muscle fibers…

And give more powerful stimuli to growth.

Want a taste?

In a study [8] conducted by the University of Oklahoma, participants who supplemented beta alanine had 133% more muscle gains than those who did not take it.

Imagine for every kg of lean mass gained you increase another 1 kilo extra.

How much more rewarding would it be to train?

How exciting would it be to see your body shape up so quickly?

This is exactly what the study participants experienced.

But it's only the beginning...

Wait until you read what the other ingredients can do for you.

Creatina HCL
“Extra Energy”

Creatine not only helps to counteract the appearance of lactic acid [9]…

But it gives its best when combined with beta alanine.

In a 10-week study [10], those taking this combo achieved drastically superior results compared to others, despite having already been training for years.

Specifically, they managed at the same time to:

Increase 2.8 kg of muscle mass…

Burn 2.9 kg of fat…

And increase strength and endurance.

Try putting yourself in these guys' shoes for a second:

Previously they trained with poor results, despite commitment and passion...

Maybe they even wanted to stop trying…

Then, thanks to this combo, everything changed.

They became stronger, more resistant, more muscular and defined.

All at the same time.

Not bad, right?

The “Ferryman”

Citrulline malate is an amazing substance because it promotes the production of nitric oxide [11]…

Nitric oxide can improve cellular oxygenation and blood circulation [12]…

Therefore, it helps to delay lactic acid, improve recovery times [13] and achieve superior performance even in elite athletes [14].

And you already know what this means, don't you?

More Fiber stimulated…

And therefore superior results in the mirror.

Arginine AKG
The Nitric Oxide "Accelerator”

Arginine AKG works synergistically with citrulline malate…

Both help increase the production of nitric oxide [15].

The result?

Extraordinary support for cellular oxygenation.

When you improve oxygenation, you ward off lactic acid, so you can work muscles more and stimulate more growth [16, 17].

"The Virility Unlocker"

The results of a March 2022 study 18] on betaine shocked scientists.


The subjects taking betaine increased the number of repetitions by 10% compared to those taking a placebo (a supplement without active ingredients)...

Which would already be remarkable, given that more training stimulus = more results...

But when they analyzed the testosterone levels of athletes taking betaine…

They found that they had increased about 160% more than the others…

At the same time decreasing cortisol, the stress hormone.

Testosterone is called the “virility hormone” not only for its “under the covers” benefits… but also because it is essential for building muscle mass and sculpting your physique quickly.

This explains the astonishing results of the next study [19]…

Those taking betaine gained nearly 2kg of muscle and 10% volume in their arms... while they also burned 3kg of body fat.

Those taking the "fake supplement", however, reported no increase in arm mass or size and no loss of body fat.

In the end…

In 2019, a meta-analysis [20] examined all the most recent studies on betaine.

The results: “Betaine supplementation significantly reduced total fat mass and body fat percentage. No changes were observed regarding body weight”.

In other words, people lost fat and gained muscle:

The best possible result.

The “Happiness Hormone”

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that plays a key role in the production of dopamine… also known as the “happiness hormone”…[21]

The higher the levels, the more determination you have to face the day.

So if you suffer from low energy because you are stressed, exercise in the evening or after work – L-Tyrosine could prove to be a godsend to recharge your motivation [22].

The “Progress Unblocker”

In a study by the University of Catania, those who took Acetyl L-Carnitine decreased the feeling of fatigue [23]…

This is important both for entering the gym recharged and concentrated...

That to train to the best of your strength, so you can make progress faster.

“The Switch”

Magnesium is alkalizing and helps reduce lactic acid [24]…

Therefore it is a formidable ally for deeply weakening muscles and giving rise to superior growth.

Plus, it's proven to support metabolism and sports performance [25]…

And it is especially important today that, due to the impoverishment of the soil [26], we take in an insufficient quantity of magnesium from our diet.

Therefore it is both about health...and aesthetics.

Carnitine L-tartrate
The "Carrier"

L-carnitine helps transport fat into the mitochondria in order to burn it for energy.

Recently, scientists examined 9 studies and wrote the most comprehensive scientific review to date on this substance [27]…

They found that, when combined with diet, carnitine accelerated the fat-burning ability of participants by up to 60%. [28]

Imagine how useful it could be if you have stubborn fat that you struggle to get rid of.

We have arrived at the last ingredient:

L - Taurine
The "Wonderful Molecule"

Taurine acts like a sponge in muscle cells:

It absorbs water.

Thus, it acts as a volumizer [29] and vasodilator [30]…

Which means greater pump, fullness and muscle roundness.

In practice it doesn't simply help to make muscles bigger...

It makes them harder and more aesthetic.

It makes them sexier.


Test Spartan Strength+

If for any reason you don't think it meets or exceeds your expectations... if you don't think it's the most powerful supplement of its kind you've ever tried... and if after using it you don't wonder "how did you manage without it?" ", then send us back the packages (even empty!) within 180 days of purchase and we will give you a 100% refund.

Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED.


Spartan Strength +

It is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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questions before you buy?

Spartan Strength + is the first supplement designed to delay the arrival of lactic acid and improve your workouts…

In this way it helps you to work your muscles better and gain “extra” results from your workouts – without training more.

It is the only supplement in the world specifically for this.

And it is the best ally I can imagine for a muscle development journey.

Imagine tricking a car engine to increase its power.

The car is your body.

And Spartan Strength + its extra horsepower…

The ones that will help you travel further, reach higher speeds and achieve a more satisfying result.

It manages to do all this thanks to its unique formulation of 8 ingredients:

Beta-Alanine for endurance…

Creatine HCL for potency…

Taurine for sexy muscles…

Betaine for virility…

L-Tyrosine for mood…

Acetyl L-Carnitine for energy…

Magnesium Carbonate for performance…

Carnitine L-Tartrate for the definition…

Citrulline Malate for recovery…

Arginine AKG for strength…

And all the mix in synergy to help you delay lactic acid, stimulate muscle fibers more deeply and build a prodigious muscle mass from your workouts.

This is why I like to describe it as “muscle mass powder”.

Of course, it is always a safe supplement and not an anabolic substance…

But its benefits can be truly amazing.

Especially in combo with a physical transformation path.

Plus, it has a delicious Passion Fruit flavor that I’m sure you’ll love.

Results may vary and taking supplements should not be understood as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle…

This is why I recommend using Spartan Strength + alongside a training program – ideally if it is a “Spartan”.

Often, those who take Spartan Strength + tell me that they immediately feel greater energy and focus – this is why it is very useful even before a creative or study task.

Just as often, many customers contact me amazed at how much less they feel fatigue and how much the quality of their workouts improves after taking it.

If we talk about aesthetic results, studies have shown that its ingredients can give a boost after just a few weeks…

For example, taken individually, some have shown that they can speed up the weekly increase in muscle mass by 133[8]… and even by 250% [34]…

While, taken together, they have even managed to unlock muscle growth and weight loss even in those who have been training for years and were not making progress despite their efforts [35].

One thing you may notice shortly after taking it is a possible tingling sensation.

This is all normal and depends on beta-alanine.

While Spartan Strength+ may be truly effective, it is still a supplement and NOT an illicit substance.

So you won’t risk getting too big overnight.

In any case, once you have reached the ideal amount of muscle mass for you – you can always decide to stop it.

Spartan Strength+ is regularly notified to the Ministry of Health. This means that its ingredients are healthy and approved by the very strict European standards.

In any case, it is always recommended to consult a doctor for any questions regarding its intake.

No, Spartan Strength + is caffeine-free so you can take it at any time of the day without problems.

It is used like this:

Use the measuring cup you find inside…

Fill it to the brim with Spartan Strength+ (it’s in powder form)…

And pour it into a little water.

It will melt in a flash.

When you taste it you will notice that it has a delicious tropical, passion fruit flavour.

It will seem like a drink to accompany dessert.

Drink it slowly, but it will be so good you’ll want to down it in one gulp.

A few minutes later you may feel a pleasant tingling sensation in your body… it is the beta-alanine that gives its effects.

You can take it for breakfast, lunch or before training.

It will give you the energy, focus and determination to live your day better, help you with your transformation and improve the quality of your workouts.

Each pack contains 15 doses.

Spartan Strength+ is especially suitable for all sports characterized by short and intense efforts.

For example:

The 100 meters;

Rugby, American football;

Boxing, muay thai, mma and any combat sport;

And so on…

If you do a sporting activity that requires short, intense efforts, you will be surprised by the immediate boost to performance that Spartan Strength+ can give.

Each 230 gram pack of Spartan Strength+ contains one 15 gram scoop, which contains:

2.0 g of Beta-alanine to raise carnosine levels and allow you to encourage muscle development… strength… and number of repetitions;

3.0 g of Creatine HCL which enhance the benefits of beta-alanine, taking your workouts to a higher level;

1 g of L-Taurine, which creates even more spectacular synergies and enhances pump, muscle volume and speeds up fat burning;

0.5 g of L-Carnitine tartrate which helps burn fat and further reduce fatigue during training;

1.0 g of Betaine which helps build muscle mass and sculpt your physique quickly;

1.0 g of L-Tyrosine which plays a key role in the production of dopamine;

0.5 g of Acetyl-L-Carnitine which helps achieve faster progress;

0.4 g of Magnesium proven to optimize metabolism and increase sports performance.

1 g of Citrulline malate to promote the production of nitric oxide and improve vascularization, recovery and strength…

2 g of Arginine AKG to work synergistically with citrulline malate and improve strength and power.

It also contains citric acid, natural flavors and steviol glycosides (extracted from stevia).

It is caffeine-free, colorant-free and GMO-free.

It works like this:

Order your packs of Spartan Strength+ now…

In 3-5 days approximately they will arrive at your home.

Then, start using it…

Experience the benefits on your skin…

And see how much it can help you in your transformation.


If for any reason in the next 180 days (6 months) you are not absolutely thrilled with its benefits…

If it were not to help you in your transformation more than anything you have experienced before…

And if your workouts don’t reach a monstrously superior level of effectiveness…

Then send the packages back – even empty ones – and we will refund you every penny.

You understood well.

Or Spartan Strength+ turns out to be a game changer (and you have 180 whole days to put it to the test)…

Or you didn’t spend anything.

Simply send the packages back for a full refund.

Select one of the packages below…

And click on the one that is best for you.

After doing so you will be redirected to our secure order page.

Enter your details and complete the payment.

Shipping usually takes about 3-5 days…

And you will also receive a receipt email containing the order summary as soon as you complete it.

Click on the 12-pack (or whichever suits you) now and look forward to hearing about your experience with Spartan Srength+.

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Se hai altre domande chiama il nostro numero verde gratuito dalle 9 alle 19, tutti i giorni:

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