Hydrolysed Beef Protein to help tone and grow your muscles
Ideal for a quick hit of protein and low calories snacks/breakfasts.
Helps speed up metabolism and curb hunger pangs.
Ideal amino acid profile for protein synthesis.
Unmatched Support for muscle growth.
Extraordinary taste of vanilla and coffee.
The best protein you've ever tasted... or get your money back!
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94%+ Protein Concentration
From Free-Range Swedish Cows
No Soy, Gluten or Lactose (paleo friendly)
180-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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In the fitness world you hear all kinds of things...
But if there's ONE thing that everyone agrees on, it’s this:

The most important nutrient for sculpting a dream body - strong, toned and sexy - is protein...

Want to lose weight?

Protein is a filling substance that helps you to curb hunger much quicker than carbs can. 

It has a high thermic effect… that is, it “burns” calories.

It sustains muscle mass, preventing you from losing muscle when you lose weight.

Want to get stronger?

Step #1 is to take plenty of protein. 

Without protein, you can’t gain muscle. 

That’s why it’s known as the “building block” of muscle mass.

Want to tone up?

According to studies, burning fat and gaining muscle at the same time is completely possible for everyone, from beginners to trained athletes.

However, you need to eat A LOT of protein (over 1.1 gram per pound of body weight).

Unfortunately, not all proteins are the same

What determines the effectiveness of a protein is its “amino acid profile”.

Simply put, each protein is composed of 20 amino acids…

The amount of each amino acid, and the relationship between them, determine the “amino acid profile” of the protein.

When the “profile” is bad and the amino acid content is poor, the protein is much less effective in stimulating muscle growth.

As a result, slimming down without losing muscle becomes much more difficult.

The Big Problem with Vegetable Protein

Plant proteins (soy, rice, pea, beans…) have a LOW amino acid profile.

That’s why they are referred to as “non-noble proteins.”

Not only that… but plant proteins contain anti-nutrients – substances that make them less digestible.

What’s more, they have a much lower “thermic effect”, so they cannot stimulate your metabolism the same way that animal products can.

All of this makes them the absolute worst choice both when you want to lose weight, and when you want to gain muscle or tone up.

The Truth About Whey Protein

Go to any supplement store or online shop and you’ll notice how the top selling product is almost always whey protein.

The reason is pretty obvious:

  • They’re “high biological value” proteins.
  • They’re cheap.
  • They taste great and are soluble.

FACT: Whey Protein is so cheap because it's a waste product from producing cheese.

At first, dairy producers would get rid of the whey by dumping it down rivers and other similar methods.

But this practice was banned because it created dangerous amounts of environmental pollution. 

So manufacturers had to reinvent themselves and find a new way to dispose of it…

But why throw it away when you can sell it and make a profit? 

And what better way to get rid of it than to create supplements for athletes? 

That brings us to today, where we find shelves full of whey in every supplement store in the world. 

Whey protein was not only “born” as a waste product…

…but to many people – it still remains one!

FACT: Whey protein spikes insulin levels 5 times more than white bread.

If you’re into sports and fitness, you know that too-high levels of insulin are to be avoided – especially in the long term. 

In fact, insulin can mess with your metabolism (blocking it) and lead to fat gain. 

This is the reason why pro athletes avoid white bread and white sugar like the plague.

And yet…

Many people don’t know that milk protein has a huge effect on insulin too. 

Take a look at this chart:

When I first got into fitness, I was first attracted to whey protein. 

They’re the best selling supplement… super high biological value… great taste…

So I thought “why not give it a try?”.

But from my very first shake, something didn’t feel right.

Firstly, 20-30 minutes after drinking, I would feel sleepy.

“Shouldn’t I feel stronger and more energetic?” I wondered…

I’d get sugar cravings (nothing worse when you’re on a diet!).

And my belly would feel bloated and full of gas…

I was constantly passing gas.

I couldn’t stop thinking: “why is this happening?”.

At first I thought I was just one of the unlucky few who couldn’t tolerate whey protein, the most popular protein in the world.

But, over the years, and after working with thousands of clients… 

I’ve realised that these are extremely common “side effects”… 

Which can be caused by the insulin spike they cause (or from lactose intolerance).

Not only that…

Scientists fear they are responsible for the development of acne associated with dairy consumption. 

Talk about a “waste product”.

The Ultimate Protein for Building a Dream Body

Recently, scientists conducted a study to determine the most effective protein in stimulating protein synthesis.

Protein synthesis is the process that leads to building muscle mass…

And therefore helps to boost metabolism and muscle tone.

The result is summarised in this chart:

As you can see, beef protein ranks first with a HUGE gap over the second-ranked protein (egg protein). 

Plus, unlike milk protein, it has an outstanding insulin index…

This means it doesn’t carry over any of the skin, metabolism, drowsiness and bloating issues we saw with whey proteins.

And speaking of those… 

In a recent study, scientists compared the effects of beef protein with whey protein. 

And they found that those who took beef protein not only gained 18% more muscle on average than whey… 

But they also burned 23% more fat!

In other words, beef protein takes the top spot on the podium – without any of the issues associated with whey. 

Unfortunately, however…

WARNING: Not all beef protein is equal...

Unless you’re eating steaks. 

When choosing beef protein, you need to pay attention to these 3 factors:

1. Taste

If you think the beef protein powder commonly made up as a drink is absolutely disgusting…

Well, you’re right!

Commercial beef protein is practically undrinkable.

Many people take it anyway because they know it’s the #1 protein…

And because it doesn’t contain the most common allergens: gluten, soy and lactose.

So now, you only have to choose brands that have made flavour a top priority.

2. Origin Of The Beef

Unfortunately, many producers prefer saving money to investing in the quality of their products.

So, they buy the meat to use for protein from countries where laws are more lax to cut costs.

That’s why you should choose proteins produced only in countries where you know the quality standards are high.

3. Solubility

Another problem with commercial beef protein powder is that it’s very difficult to dissolve.

If you put it in a cup of water, it’ll practically turn to concrete half the time…  

And you’ll have to spend a good 10 minutes stirring just to get a drinkable mixture.

That’s a problem!

Then there’s the hydrolysis process to consider.

Hydrolysis is the process by which meat is turned into protein powder. The most common one is called chemical hydrolysis. 

But, as the word implies, in addition to using chemicals, the final powder also has a bitter taste and isn’t very soluble.

The most effective hydrolysis for taste and solubility is thermal and mechanical hydrolysis. 

In a nutshell, protein powder is not obtained through chemicals…

But by using a process that breaks down the protein like our stomachs would, make it surprisingly digestible.

The Bad News?

There is no such beef protein on the market!

That’s why, together with the team at Spartan Health, I’ve decided to bring to life this “perfect protein” .

A product that not only meets the list of requirements above…

But also goes much, MUCH further.



I'm calling Spartan Pro the "Protein of the Future". Here's why...

#1. Maximum Anabolic Effect.

As you’ve seen, beef protein is the #1 choice for increasing muscle and toning.

That’s because its amino acid profile makes it the most effective protein for building muscle.

#2. No fatigue, no Hunger Pangs, no Bloating, no Acne, no Gas

Having a low glycemic and insulin index, Spartan Pro doesn’t have the side effects of other proteins that can dramatically increase insulin (such as milk and whey proteins).

#3. Unparalleled Meat Quality

I selected a Swedish farm to produce Spartan Pro. Why? That’s simple…

It has some of the highest quality standards I’ve ever seen!

#4. Sweetened only with Stevia

No sucralose, acesulfame-k or aspartame. 

Only the far superior stevia (steviol glycosides), to bring you the healthiest, most natural product possible.

#5. Over 94% Protein Concentration

Higher protein concentration means fewer calories and a better thermic effect.

In other words, more satisfying, better against hunger pangs, healthier…

And more of a boost to your metabolism. 

This makes it ideal not only for those who want to put on muscle… 

But also for those who want to slim down and tone up.

#6. This Beef Protein has Superior Solubility

Take a scoop and mix it with hot water or coconut milk, and mix it in with a spoon.

Or, put it inside a shaker and shake until it’s mixed.


#7. Probably the most delicious protein out there!

Before making Spartan Pro, I wanted it not to just be good… I wanted it to be mouth-watering.

After countless attempts, reformulations and tests, I finally found the “perfect flavour”.

It’s the only one that matches my protein so perfectly. I think it tastes unforgettable. The flavour is…

Vanilla and Coffee. 

In fact, I think it’s so good that you can use it as a base for dessert recipes, or as a dessert drink at the end of a meal.

It’ll be the most DELICIOUS protein you have ever tasted.

Click to read the label of SPARTAN PRO.

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Put Spartan Pro to the test

If, for any reason, it doesn't live up to your expectations...
If it's not the most powerful protein you've ever tried...
If, after using it, you don't wonder "how did I ever live without this?!"...

Then just send us the packages (even empty ones!) back within 180 days of purchase, and we'll give you a 100% refund.

Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED.


1 Bottle


3 Bottles


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(Save 9%)
6 Bottles


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(Save 17%)
12 Bottles


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(Save 26%)

questions before you buy?

Beef protein is better than whey protein because it’s closer to the “perfect” amino acid profile that ensures maximum protein synthesis.

In fact, while only 18% of the whey protein you consume is used to build new muscle…

With beef protein it’s up to 40%. More than double.

Plus, whey protein causes a greater insulin response than beef protein….

And that could cause unwanted weight gain.

Unlike other beef proteins, Spartan Pro tastes delicious and is much more soluble.

This is because the process by which other beef proteins are produced is much less stringent, and much more like what actually happens in our stomachs. Completely different to chemical hydrolysis…

This is the main cause of bad taste and bad solubility.

In addition, Spartan Pro’s ingredients are sourced from free-range Swedish cows that come from farms that adhere to the highest quality standards…

And not from somewhere with low restrictions on consumer health.

Spartan Pro is sweetened with natural stevia and contain no dyes or other added sugars.

Results can vary from individual to individual and also depend on training, diet and lifestyle.

However, what studies have shown is that beef protein has a greater anabolic effect than whey protein, AND has a lower insulin response…

Regular intake accompanied by training is recommended for maximum results.

Just dissolve one 25-gram scoop into a cup (or about 230 ml) of water and take after your workout, or as a snack on rest days.

Spartan Pro was designed to be suitable for both men and women. Its working mechanism is based on biology, not sex.

Spartan Pro has been fully verified by the UK Ministry of Health. This means that its ingredients are safe and approved at the highest standards.

However, it’s always recommended to consult a doctor if you have any unanswered questions.

Spartan Pro only contains the ingredients indicated in the package, so no gluten, lactose, or any allergens.

Spartan Pro has not demonstrated any bad side effects when taken in the recommended doses.

Having said that, it’s always recommended to consult your doctor with any questions regarding your personal health.

This is how it works:

If you order your Spartan Pro now…

In about 3-5 days it will arrive at your doorstep.

After that, you’ll start taking it…

You’ll experience what it means to build new muscles with the highest quality protein that money can buy…

And you’ll be living proof of how much easier it is to reach your goals when you can count on the right tools.

So, the guarantee…

If, for any reason in the next 180 days, you find yourself not absolutely thrilled with its benefits….

If you DON’T feel like it’s the most amazing protein you’ve ever tried….

And if it doesn’t become your missing piece of the puzzle to see serious improvements…

Then simply send back the packages – even empty ones – and we’ll refund every penny.

Yep. Really.

Either Spartan Pro turns out to be a game-changer for you (and you have a full 180 whole days to put it to the test)…

Or you haven’t risked a thing.

All you have to do is send the packs back to receive a full refund….

In addition, you still have access to the Spartan Cookbook, and you can keep the shaker too as a gift for your trouble.

That’s how much we’re sure you’ll love Spartan Pro. That’s how much we believe it’ll mark a decisive point in your life.

It’s hard to say…

The production process using enzyme hydrolysis takes much longer than chemical hydrolysis. Between that and the steadily increasing demand, our supply can run out at very short notice.

There’s always a risk that once it’s gone, Spartan Pro could be off the market indefinitely.

To avoid running out and to take advantage of today’s discount, you should buy in bulk and make the most of the good times while you can.

Simply click on one of the packages above and place your order.

You’ll land on the secure payment page, where you’ll enter your card information and shipping address…

And as soon as you’re done…

Your Spartan Pro packs will be delivered to you in about 3-5 business days.

And remember: you’re also covered by our 180-day, 100% “Empty Package” money-back guarantee…

So there’s practically no reason NOT to complete your order now…

Especially considering that if you’re on this page, that means there are still packs available! Hurry while supplies last.

1 Bottle


3 Bottles


per bottle
(Save 9%)
6 Bottles


per bottle
(Save 17%)
12 Bottles


per bottle
(Save 26%)

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Spartan Pro is one of the most powerful products developed by Spartan Health, and we can’t wait for you to try it too!