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I got over my weight loss plateau! I've lost an inch off my belly so far, and I've gotten a sense of satisfaction that I've never had through diet alone.*
Santo V.
I feel healthier and so much more toned after taking Spartan Burn!*
Cristina S.
Since I started using Spartan Burn, I feel a lot less bloated, have insane levels of energy and feel less hungry. I feel fit all day!*
Maria Rita P.

*Results may vary from person to person.

Yale scientists discover the reason why losing weight is a challenge

Anyone looking to lose weight tries everything…

Diets, fasting, workouts, drinks…

All of this helps, but it never seems to be enough.

From a recent discovery by the University of Pennsylvania [0].

Weight loss works like a metabolic thermostat

When the metabolic thermostat is cold…

Losing weight becomes a challenge because your body no longer converts calories into energy as efficiently.

That’s why if you want to achieve your fitness goals, it’s crucial to REACTIVATE your metabolic thermostat.



And this explains why losing weight has been so difficult for years.

The focus has been on various organs in the body like the gut, thyroid, and stomach…

When in fact, a recent study from Yale University has discovered that the “metabolic switch” is located elsewhere…

It’s a bean-sized gland located in the brain: scientists refer to it as the HYPOTHALAMUS 1.

And this is great news for those looking to regain control of their “metabolic thermostat”…

Because influencing the activity of the metabolic switch means “turning it back on” at will, here’s how…


Dozens of scientific studies prove the effectiveness of simple natural ingredients and straightforward “metabolic shortcuts” that could revolutionize the lives of thousands of people looking to get back in shape.

Moon salt

Selenium, which is nutritionally essential for humans, is a constituent of over two dozen selenoproteins that play critical roles in reproduction, in the metabolism of thyroid hormones [21]

No, it doesn’t come from the moon.

It’s a rare silver-colored mineral that originally got its name from the moon.

But the interesting part is that researchers have found that it directly stimulates the hypothalamus (the “metabolic thermostat” we talked about)…

In fact, in a 2020 study conducted on 37 overweight individuals, researchers showed that for every microgram of this moon salt consumed…

You can lose up to 6% more body fat.

In other words, this element (selenomethionine), is excellent for promoting weight loss [2].


Guggulsterone has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, a holistic plant-based medical system, to treat various health conditions such as obesity, arthritis, and inflammation[22]

It’s a resin extracted from the Guggul tree in India and has been used for millennia in Ayurvedic medicine.

Firstly, one study has shown that it could “induce apoptosis and lipolysis in mature adipocytes”[3].

In simple terms, this means it kills off fat cells.

Furthermore, a study involving 58 people showed that those who took “guggulsterone” lost 430% more weight compared to those who didn’t take it…

In just 15 days![4]


Fucoxanthin, a carotenoid extracted from brown algae, has shown anti-obesity properties in some clinical studies due to its ability to overexpress the uncoupling protein (UCP1) in white adipose tissue, which leads to fat burning. [23]

Extracted from Japanese seaweed, it could be the slimming “secret” of Japanese women.

According to studies, this ingredient can stimulate the “metabolic thermostat” exactly like selenium. [5]

And as if that weren’t enough…

Fucoxanthin is also linked to “suppression of adipocyte differentiation”.

Which translated means that it prevents fat cells from growing. [6]

In fact, a study of 151 people showed that those who took a small amount of this extract…

They lost nearly 500% more body fat than the group that received a placebo (aka a “dummy pill”). [7]

The scientists concluded that fucoxanthin “reduces the accumulation of body fat and prevents other features of obesity… And these effects are not due to reduced food intake…”. [8]

For the first time, we have combined these 3 natural ingredients in a formulation designed to reset the "metabolic thermostat," it's called...


A blend designed to elevate your metabolic temperature from cold to fiery… and help you achieve your fitness goals sustainably.

You’ll just need to take two capsules of Spartan Burn Plus in the morning and two in the afternoon to start feeling its effects.

Initially, you might feel more energy, a warming sensation in your hands and feet…

These are the first signs of the ingredients taking effect.

Then, the results you see in the mirror could leave you speechless.

Additionally, to make the blend even more powerful…

We've boosted Spartan Burn Plus with another 5 special ingredients.


Forskolin aids in weight loss by helping to create enzymes called lipases and adenylate cyclase. These two enzymes release fatty acids from the body’s cells. [33]

The slimming plant

In a double-blind study[9]—the gold standard in scientific research—those who took Forskolin slimmed their hips and waist better and more than the others.

This is great news for anyone wanting a flat and toned stomach.

Even better is the next study[10]

Scientists divided the participants into two groups:

Half took Forskolin…

The other half took a placebo (a “fake” supplement).

To make things more challenging, none of them were on a diet…

In the end…

Those who took the “fake” supplement remained at their starting point…

But those who took Forskolin burned an average of 4.52 kg!*

*Results may vary from person to person. These are the outcomes of a study, and it’s recommended to accompany Spartan Burn with a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Yerba mate

Similar to green tea, yerba mate also promotes fat metabolism in the body through a process called beta-oxidation, which prioritizes the conversion of excess body fat into energy [34] 

The hunger-crushing herb

Yerba mate is a South American plant with extraordinary properties.

In one study [11], half of the people took a yerba mate supplement…

The second group a “fake”.

In the end, those taking yerba mate not only lost more…they also improved their waist-to-hip ratio.

This means that it helped slim down the hardest part: hips and abdomen.

For this reason, the same scientists describe it as “a powerful anti-obesity agent”.

It’s not all…

In another study [12], scientists gave participants yerba mate before exercising…

And, to their amazement, they saw an increase in fat oxidation by 24%…

Which equates to burning more without extra effort.

Furthermore, in a major study [13], yerba mate was categorized as the most potent weight-loss herb of all those studied.


L-carnitine supplementation significantly reduced body weight, body mass index, and fat mass. [35]

The fat transporter

L-carnitine helps you transport fat into your mitochondria in order to burn it for energy.

And the effectiveness of this substance is proven by multiple studies.

Scientists [14] recently sifted through every research ever published on L-Carnitine in order to understand its real effectiveness.

In their words: “Carnitine led to significantly more weight loss.”

In other words, they found that it works…it works GREAT, in aiding weight loss.


This could be the key to weight loss, suggests a study.[36]

The oceanic energizer

The Japanese are one of the thinnest people in the world [15]

And yet, they eat an avalanche of carbohydrates…

How is it possible?

One of their secrets is a traditional seaweed-rich diet [16].

Algae are one of the most important sources of iodine [17]

And iodine is linked to healthy and powerful thyroid function [18].

The thyroid in turn is linked to metabolism and how much fat you burn at rest [19,20].

So, thanks to seaweed, the Japanese introduce a copious amount of iodine into their diet…

Iodine helps them to have a perfectly healthy and functioning thyroid…

And a healthy thyroid means an efficient metabolism that burns at full speed… and explosive energy.

And that’s why kelp seaweed – one of the richest sources of iodine in existence – is the perfect ally to support the ignition of the ‘metabolism’.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha-lipoic acid at 1800 mg/day led to a modest weight loss in obese subjects. Alpha-lipoic acid may be considered as an adjunct therapy for obesity.[37]

Secondo gli scienziati questo potente composto è in grado di ridurre significativamente la quantità “dell’enzima della fame”, noto come AMPK… [38][39][40]

Click to read the label of SPARTAN BURN PLUS.

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We’re sure you’ll love Spartan Burn Plus, and how it will make you feel…

You will fill up with energy, and achieving your fitness and fitness results will be even easier and more immediate.

So we are willing to offer you an unconditional guarantee: you can return the packages (even empty) within 180 days and get a refund down to the last cent!

We believe in our product so much that we are ready to put our promises to the test…and make your purchase of Spartan Burn ZERO RISK free.


1 Bottle


3 Bottles


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questions before you buy?

Spartan Burn Plus is the advanced version of Spartan Burn. In fact, we have added only one ingredient, alpha lipoic acid which has an effective effect on curbing hunger. Furthermore, we have removed the minimum amount of caffeine that was previously present to avoid any possible side effects.

Results may vary, and taking supplements should not be seen as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

However, what studies have shown is that many of the ingredients in it can yield results within the first few weeks…

But regular intake is recommended.

How should I take Spartan Burn Plus for maximum results?

You simply need to take it twice a day, after meals, swallowing 2 easy-to-swallow capsules with a bit of water.

Spartan Burn Plus is designed to be suitable for both men and women. The dosage is the same.

Its mechanism of action is based on biology, not on gender.

The recommended dose of 4 capsules per day of Spartan Burn Plus contains:

Guggul Extract (Commiphora Mukul) – 750mg

of which guggulsterones – 75mg

Coleus forskohlii (of which forskolin) – 275mg

of which forskolin – 55mg

Kelp Algae – 100mg

of which 0.1% organic iodine – 100μg

L-carnitine tartrate – 1g

Yerba Mate – 0.4g

of which caffeine – 0 mg

Laminaria Algae – 12 mg

of which Fucoxanthin – 8mg

Selenium-Methionine – 50μg

Alpha-Lipoic Acid – 0.3g

Spartan Burn Plus contains only the ingredients listed on the package, so no gluten, lactose, or any allergens.

This makes it suitable for those who follow a vegetarian diet or are intolerant to these substances.

The ingredients of Spartan Burn Plus have not shown side effects when taken in the recommended doses. However, it is always recommended to consult your own doctor for questions related to your own personal health situation.

Yes, Spartan Burn Plus is also suitable if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.

In the previous version of Spartan Burn Plus, Yerba Mate contained a small amount of caffeine (about half of what you find in a shot of espresso coffee).

But with the new formulation, the amount of caffeine is zero. This means that you have zero side effects if it bothers you, with all the benefits of Yerba Mate, which is still present.

In fact, thanks to sophisticated processing methods, we have managed to keep the same ingredient (and the same benefits) while removing the caffeine completely.

This is how it works:

When you order Spartan Burn Plus now….

In about 3-5 days it will arrive at your doorstep.

After that, you’ll start using it….

You’ll experience what it’s like to jump start your metabolism…

To wake up your body and feel it active…

You’ll experience the sensation of looking in the mirror and watching yourself improve, feeling better with each passing day….

And you’ll experience how much easier it is to reach your goals when you can count on an ally this powerful by your side.

With Spartan Burn Plus, you’re no longer alone on your journey to a leaner, more defined you….

It’ll be your shoulder to lean on, to make everything easier during tough, and stressful times. Helping you resist snacking when motivation is low, and temptation is high.


But, if for any reason in the next 180 days, you find yourself not absolutely thrilled with its benefits….

If you DON’T feel like it’s the most amazing supplement you’ve ever tried….

And if it doesn’t become your missing piece of the puzzle
to finally smash your fitness goals…

Then simply send back the bottles – even empty ones – and we’ll refund every penny.

Yep. Seriously.

Either Spartan Burn Plus turns out to be a game-changer for you (and you have a full 180 whole days to put it to the test)…

Or you haven’t risked a thing.

All you have to do is send the bottles back to receive a full refund….

Plus, you get to keep the pill box and towel as a gift for your trouble.

That’s how much we’re sure you’ll love Spartan Burn Plus. That’s how much we believe it’ll mark a decisive turning point in your life.

Spartan Burn Plus is regularly notified to the Ministry of Health. This means that its ingredients are healthy and approved by strict European standards.

However, it is always recommended to consult a doctor for any questions about its intake.

Who promotes Spartan Burn Plus (the face behind the product)
Dott. Filippo Pagani

Dr. Filippo Pagani is one of the most renowned and successful personal trainers in our country. He has over 30,000 women and 25,000 men who have followed or are following one of his fitness programs.

You may have heard of him through his female fitness program, Guerriera Spartana, developed in collaboration with Alessandra Amori.

Or through his male fitness programs like Fisico da Spartano and Spartan Home Training.

Additionally, the entire Spartan Health team, which has been offering products in the fitness field for years, has tens of thousands of satisfied customers in Italy, England, Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, and Germany.

1 Bottle


3 Bottles


per bottle
(Save 17%)
6 Bottles


per bottle
(Save 33%)
12 Bottles


per bottle
(Save 42%)

Se hai altre domande chiama il nostro numero verde gratuito dalle 9 alle 19, tutti i giorni:

[2] .
[12], nella%20gestione%20della%20obesità
[19] Pouyandjoo, Morvarid & Nouhi, Mojtaba & Shab Bidar, Sakineh & Djafarian, Kurosh & Olyaeemanesh, Alireza. (2016). The effect of (L-)Carnitine on weight loss in adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Obesity Reviews. 17. 10.1111/obr.12436.
[26] Sunde RA. Selenio. In: Ross AC, Caballero B, Cousins ​​RJ, Tucker KL, Ziegler TR, eds. Nutrizione moderna in salute e malattia. 11a ed. Filadelfia, Pennsylvania: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2012:225-37 a cui si fa riferimento nel sito
[30] Du Bois EF. The basal metabolism in fever. Journal of the American Medical Association. 1921;77(5):352–5.

*When combined with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Spartan Burn Plus is one of the most potent products developed by Spartan Health, and we can’t wait for you to try it too!

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